High-Performance Equipment

Air-wiping equipment featuring:

  • Patented automatic air knife lip-cleaning device
  • Air Knife positioners with retraction  that moves the entire Air knife Unit to the front of the pot
  • Newly developed FOEN® air knives gap width adjustment device which allows less nitrogen to be used, reduces noise and air/nitrogen turbulence on the bath surface (creating less dross), and uses the airflow only on the actual strip width, which potentially saves up to 75% of the wiping media that would normally be wasted
  • Touchless edge-coating control device
  • Laser measurement for strip profile and distance-to-strip control


Bath equipment featuring:

  • Special coated sink, stabilizing, and correcting rolls
  • Pneumatic or scanning (motorized) scraper to remove zinc or aluminum/zinc deposits from the sink roll
  • Scanning scraper to remove deposits from the correcting and stabilizing rolls (motorized or manual)
  • Dross grabber for easy removal of bottom dross from the pot
  • Robot for drossing the top of the metal level


Nitrogen wiping equipment featuring:

  • High temperature-resistant air knife rigs
  • N2 wiping medium heating system
  • Pressure control system through the blowers or separate valves


Control equipment featuring:

  • Independent and stand-alone computerized automation and control package incl. HMI, PC, and Database
  • Personal preinstalled data storage for automatic equipment setup
  • Fully automatic integrated coating weight control moving to new parameters for the next coil based on archived data for that product
  • Closed loop control interface to coating measuring gauges
  • MBC Controller (feed forward mathematical coating weight model)


Special devices for galvanneal production featuring:

  • Touch roll rigs with water-cooled rolls