Basic Equipment

FOEN® wiping equipment featuring:

  • Air knife rigs with integrated knife-to-strip distance, tilt angle control, quick open, and edge-coating control device
  • Air knife lip gap height adjustment
  • Air knife positioners with integrated height, skew, and scan


Bath roll equipment featuring:

  • Sink roll rig with vertical, horizontal, and steering motions of the sink roll
  • Stabilizing roll rig with horizontal motion
  • Correcting roll rig with horizontal motion
  • Special wear and corrosion-resistant steel for sink, stabilizing, and correcting rolls
  • Ceramic sleeve system for sink, stabilizing, and correcting rolls
  • Special wear-resistant material for sink, stabilizing, and correcting roll end caps


Air-wiping medium supply equipment featuring:

  • Air supply system with blowers, control valves, piping, and flexible hoses with quick disconnects and pressure control


Maintenance equipment featuring:

  • Maintenance and calibration stands for air knife, sink roll and correcting roll rigs that utilize a stand-alone panel for calibration
  • Electrical and pneumatic maintenance control pulpit with remote control for easy calibration and setup of the FOEN® equipment off-line
  • Electric or gas-heated bath roll preheating furnace


Automation featuring:

  • HMI controls for all equipment features
  • Emergency push buttons